Skylight's Accounting Statements cover a wide range of reports based on selected criteria in Skylight's online accounting software. You can produce statements for Invoices, Quotes and Purchase Orders; by date, client, project or across your whole company. Furthermore, you can generate your debtors cash-flow to see which invoices are due and when.

Please note that 'Accounting Statements' are only available on subscription-based accounts.

Accessing the Accounting Statements Section


You can access Accounting Statements by hovering over the main navigation panel on the left of your screen, and browsing over to Accounts (1). This will pop up the sub-menu where you need to select Statements (2). You will then be taken to the following view:


In this section you get to generate your new online accounting statement.

Here you have the following options:

Statement Type (3): This includes ‘Invoices’, ‘Quotes’, ‘Purchase Orders’ and now ‘Debtors’.
Date (4): This lets you set a range from start to end date.
Recipient Contact (5): This is the contact that is your recipient, in most cases this is a client or supplier.
FAO Contact (6): This is a client contact.
Project (7): In some cases you might want to produce these reports for a client based on a specific project. You can specify this here.
Project Client (8): Product report based on a project client contact.

The basic process is to firstly select which data to run the statement on; this is done by selecting Statement Type (3) and clicking on Generate Statement. This will generate an online accounting statement based on your selection in Statement Type. Try it, and as long as you have some invoices or quotes in your Skylight business accounting software, you will see a result as follows:


When the statements are generated they have the following sections:

Summary (9): Shows an overview of the total amounts invoiced and payments received against them.
Detailed Summary (10): This is all the payments and invoices listed in detail, including the amounts charged.
Account Balance (11): Shows you the total outstanding amount for this statement, based on which dates you selected in the previous step.

In this view, you can download a PDF file (12) and also print (13) this statement.