Do you have a new business card from a conference? Has someone taken over management from a contact in your client’s office? It’s easy to update contact information while you are using Skylight.

There are two ways you can add contacts to your Skylight database

The first is through the import process as described here –

The second way is to simply use the ‘Add’ option (1) from the Dashboard contacts widget, on the main navigation ‘Contacts’ section and on contacts list views.


When you click ‘Add’(1) to create a new contact, the resulting form provides you a choice of entering either a 'Person' or a 'Company'(2) contact. Remember, we keep companies and person/people contact records separate in Skylight CRM.

Contact Add form explained


Main Contact Info (1): When on contact add form, most of the information is optional except ‘First’ and ‘Last Name’ fields for person contact, and ‘Company Name’ field for company contact are required. You can switch a contact between company and person profile by selecting the ‘Type’ option.

Relates To (2): When adding a contact you can relate them to other contacts; a company ABC has John and Bill, and you might want to relate these two contacts to company ABC. So when you view ABC, John’s or Bill’s contact profile you know which company they work at. For further understanding of how contact CRM relationships work in Skylight see this article here.

Extra Info (3): Contains three options as follows:

  1. Track Conflicts: Track time scheduling conflicts for contacts; you should only enable this for team members and freelancers, and not for every contact.
  2. Add Tags: We recommend that you use tags for each contact. Tags help you organize contacts by key specifics, like skills, qualifications and any variable group (tag groups); so tags could be Designer, Project Manager or you could create a tag group called CRM and use Prospect, Hot Contact, Newsletter as tags. Please have a read on the tags and tag groups section.
  3. Responsibility of: Select who within your team is responsible for this contact relationship management.

Email Addresses, Phone Numbers & Contact Social Links (4):
Here you can add more contact email addresses, phone/fax numbers and postal addresses, Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook links. Please note that if you are adding multiple emails or phone numbers etc., the top record will be considered a default for this contact.

Read more about extra information you can add directly to a Contact Profile record here:

Adding Email, Phone Numbers, Addresses, Web links, Social Media Links and more

Adding & importing Contacts in bulk

If you are creating a new business account on Skylight then we recommend having a look at Skylight Getting Started guides, where you will find all the necessary articles covering all aspects of your online business collaboration software needs.

Getting Started guides are a great way to hit the ground running but also contain articles on how to import contacts to your Skylight online CRM tools. If you already have address books, spreadsheets or a database that you’ve been using to store contact information, you can import this information into Skylight for business contact management.