Adding, editing, and importing Google files into Skylight is a simple process. This tutorial will show you the ways in which you can add, edit, and import files into Skylight.

Adding Files from the Main Navigation


'Files' has its own section in the navigation menu, and you can add files directly from that section, by heading over to the main navigation, selecting 'Files', 'Add', and then either clicking on 'Upload File', 'Upload to Google Docs', 'Import from Google Docs', 'New Google Document', 'New Google Spreadsheet', or 'New Google Presentation'.

Adding Files from 'File View'


You can also upload files directly from the 'File View', which you can access my simply clicking on 'Files' from the navigation menu. You are then presented with the same drop-down menu as before.

Adding Files from the 'Files' Widget on the Dashboard


Another quick way of adding files, is straight from your dashboard, through the 'Files' widget. As with the other ways, you simply select the drop-down button, and the menu is the same as the others.

File 'Upload' Form


After clicking on 'Upload File', you will be presented with the flash uploader (1), where you can also switch to an HTML uploader if needed. After clicking 'Choose File...' (1), then, a window opens (2) which lets you select a file from your computer.

Editing Google Files in Skylight with Google Docs Integration


With the integration of Google Docs into Skylight, you now have the option to edit your documents in real-time. You can create Google Docs, or edit previously existing Google Docs all within Skylight. The screenshot above shows what a Google Doc preview within Skylight might look like. To access this previous, simply upload a Google Doc through the methods shown above, or create a new Google Doc, again, through the methods shown above.