Skylight enables you to add emails, phone numbers, addresses, weblinks, social links and more. When adding or editing a new ‘Project’, ‘Contact’ or a ‘Resource’, do note that these are all optional.

Below, we take you through each element and explain in detail related functionalities i.e. if you add someone’s Twitter account, this will pull in all the recent tweets for that account.

‘+ More Options’ Form


This extended form gives you extra options to add to any given ‘Project’, ‘Contact’ or ‘Resource’.

To add a new Email Address’, click on the ‘+’ sign.


Once you click the ‘+’ icon, the option to add data is made available (1).

Select the drop-down on the left to define home, work or add a custom variable:


You can either select the option from the drop-down menu, or create a new option using ‘…create other…’.

If you chose, ‘…create other…’ the following pop-up form will ask you to enter the value of the new option. In this example, we use ‘Support':



Enter your email address in the text field on the right.

For multiple email entries, you can continue to select ‘+’ to add more email addresses if you need.


Note: The email at the very top is the default email, which will be available in list views and various places when accessing this record.

You can drag and drop these around to reorganize them. Simply hover over each link to reveal drag and drop arrows.

Adding Other Elements


Now that you know how to add elements, remember to designate a default email or address, which is alwasy the top record in each section.

Let’s have a look at an example of ‘Social Profiles’, and add Skylight’s twitter account:


That’s it! No full URL (e.g. is needed, just the actual Twitter handle, ‘@skylightit’, should do.

Now, let’s say this was for a contact. We would go to the contact view and hover over the Twitter link available on the sidebar. See below:


So as you hover over the Twitter link, Skylight pulls up the latest feeds for the social profile we added in the previous step.

This feature is currently only available for Twitter feeds. We will be expanding these in the future to include LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media feeds as well.

Tips and Tricks

Few points to note:

  1. Addresses: Don’t forget to use the country and full address, as clicking on these will bring up the address in Google Maps.
  2. Facebook and LinkedIn: Always use the full URL for those, e.g.
  3. Weblinks: These should also contain the full URL, e.g. or
  4. Email Addresses: When copying and pasting them, remember to look out for extra spaces as our system doesn’t like them and will show an error.

Default Email Address of a Contact


Above is a ‘Contact’ edit form in Skylight. As you can see there are a few email addresses for this particular contact. The default is the top most email address (2). To make another email address your default, just drag it to the top by selecting the drag and drop option (3) which appears when hovering over an email address field.

This also applies to phone numbers, postal addresses and other related data – the top most entry is always considered to be the default!