To change the default contact icon for each contact, you can upload images like a profile picture for a contact or a logo of a client contact. You can add thumbnail images to Companies, People, Equipment, Location and other types of resources in Skylight. These thumbnails will show in various places within Skylight instead of the default icon.


To change a contact’s profile image you need to upload an image file on the contact’s profile and then tell Skylight to use that file as a profile image.

This helps everyone in your organization to know at a glance who is who, when they are participating in conversations or collaborating on projects remotely.

Browse to a contact view by clicking on its name (1) from your contacts list view or contacts dashboard widget.


When on contact profile view, select Files’ (2) tab and then ‘Add’ (3). Please use PNG or JPEG file formats of no more than 300 x 300 pixels max.


In the list of files for the contact, you will see recently uploaded file. If this file is compatible with Skylight profile image format, you will see the option ‘(Use as thumbnail image)’ (4). Select this link (4) to turn the contact’s default image to the new image we just uploaded.


Note that images larger than 300 pixels will not be allowed to be used as thumbnails and will not give you this option of ‘(Use as thumbnail image)’.