The best way to create an accurate quote for a client is to calculate the budgeted time on a project. Skylight has a great feature for this, by being able to turn budgeted time on a project directly into a quote for a client. This tutorial will explain how this is done.

Creating a Quote from Budgeted Time on a Project


To see budgeted time for a project, hover over the main navigation, go to Projects, and click on the project you want to create a quote for. Then, in the Overview tab, just select the arrow next to the budgeted hours (1), as shown in the picture, and select Quote (2) from the drop-down menu.


On the next view you are presented with the line items from your project that were not quoted before, i.e. if time events were quoted they will not be added.

Note that the line items will only show the dates and times in the preview section (1), you can configure how this information is represented by using the options available in Customize and Group (2).

Customize and Group options


In the customize section you can group time events by related tasks, stage, task list, resource (contact) or role and more. When you group them, Skylight will generate a heading and list all the related items underneath the heading.

You can also pass various options to each line item, i.e. tasks, stages or resource used.