Working with Project Task view, in this tutorial will explain how to create a task from the project' task view.

Creating a Task from the 'Tasks' tab when on a 'Project View'


To enter 'Project' task view, simply select the project you would like to view tasks for, and then hover to the 'Tasks' sub-section as shown above (1). Then, click on '+ Add New Task' (2).

The following form will pop-up as a result:

'Task' Add Form Inside a Project


Now, simply add a Title (3), make sure that the task is assigned to either you or one of your colleagues (4), and set the Due Date(5) for this task. Then, press 'Save' (6).


A new task is added to your task list, and the task form refreshes with some of the previous entered data, such as 'Assigned User' and 'Due Date','Tags' and any fields option selected under More...(7) 'Project Relationship' or 'Contact Relationship' section. This help you to quickly add further tasks with the same tags and other data as previusley entred task.