You can create a new task from virtually anywhere in Skylight. From your dashboard 'Tasks' widget, or when inside a project, or when on 'Contacts', as well as from the main navigation menu.

Task Add view and data fields


On Task Add form you have various data fields you must enter title and rest are optional i.e. Description, Due Date, and Priority, as well as the following fields:

Assigned User:
This is the person who will be responsible for performing this task. Also note that the task will only show on the 'My Tasks' dashboard widget and 'My Tasks' tab, if the user has been assigned the task in this field. This field will auto populate with your name if you select 'Add Task' .

You can use tags to group your tasks. So CRM task could have a tag group "CRM" and then tags such as: "Call back, Followup, Newsletter..." This is so that you can filter your tasks later on, as well as be able to see what the task grouping is while organizing your tasks.

Attach Files:
You can attach files to the task here. These can be files that are already uploaded to Skylight, or you can upload a new file directly from this field as well. To add files simply type the name of the existing file or select the pallet option next to the input field.

Project Relationship:
If this task is about a project ,then this section should be filled with the project's name. You can select which project this task relates to and then also which stage, milestone, or task-list within that project it relates to.

Resource Relationship:
For pure CRM purposes, some tasks would need to relate to Contacts, not that these contacts will be performing this task, since that is the job for 'Assigned User' (explained above). 'Resource Relationship' also defines tasks that need to be done for a resource, i.e. this could be an equipment needing a fix, a location sale or rent due.