Skylight contacts online CRM go beyond simple contacts list. Besides a fully integrated project management app, you can create relationships between people and people as well as companies and people. This is a great way to associate contacts who work at a company and know how they are related.

Contact Relationship Explained

The important thing to understand about Skylight contacts is that they are split between Companies and People. A Company can have many people working for them. By splitting contacts between company and people, it helps Skylight to understand relationships and build more features in the future with a specific network flow in mind.

The following diagram illustrates how a company contact can be linked to two people or personal contacts.


How to create contact relationships


Head over to the contact (1) you wish to add a relationship for. When on the contact profile page, select ‘+ Add Relation’ (2) from the sidebar and then select the contact and an existing or new tag as shown below.


Select an existing contact or enter a new contact (1), optionally select a role tag (2). Role tags are just normal tags but have specific system group ‘Role’ set up. Role tags represent the position or post of the contact at the company, but you can use them for custom reference terms for your business.

Learn more about Tags and Group Permissions here.

Creating contact relationships when adding a new contact


In Skylight’s simple contact management CRM, you can also create contact to contact relationships when creating a new contact or editing. If the contact you want to relate to does not exist in your database, you can also create that at the time of creating the original main contact. By just entering the contact name in the field and then selecting ‘Create XXX’ and following the instructions on the page.

Creating contact relationships while importing contacts

You can also create relationships in Skylight’s online CRM tool when importing contacts to your Skylight business account. This process is best done when importing contacts for the first time. Please visit importing companies and import people contact section to understand how this works.