Custom fields are used in projects, contacts and are also available when filtering list of records. These are useful in case you need a specific field to enter values that can not be entered into existing fields for project or a contact record. You can also rename custom fields titles as per your requirements.

Editing custom field titles


These are extra fields available to you and your team when creating new projects and contacts. These are not tags or tag groups, i.e. tags don’t have values while custom can fields hold values.

To edit custom field titles, head over to your Company Settings (1) and select Custom fields (2) tab or use this link:


Custom fields are currently available for People, Company and Project data. On the settings page, you can edit the titles for each custom field; this means changing ‘Custom Text 1′ to ‘Prospect Value’.

Where are Custom Fields Shown

Custom fields are visible in record view, i.e. when looking at a project view or a contact. They are also available in filtering list views, as well as custom reports.

Custom Fields on Project Add Form


On 'Project Add From' select '+ More Options' to see all the custom fields.


As you can see from the above screenshot, you can enter values for each of the fields available.

Filtering List of Records by Custom Fields


The above screenshot shows how to filter projects or contacts by custom fields. All you need to do is click on the drop-down menu (1), and select a custom field, in this case ‘Custom Text 1′, to filter your records list in Skylight.

Custom fields on a project or contact view


When looking at the record view you can see the custom field titles with the values. We only show records with data in them. So here you can see custom field title ‘Prospect Value’ (1) that we edited above and the value ‘$25,000′ (2) when we created this record.