Statuses in Skylight help you with project management, time billing , time logging, expenses and budgeting in various statuses. You can filter by these statuses, know what total time is logged and what expenses have been recorded for each status by the project. You can create new custom statuses and edit exiting statuses for ‘Projects’, ‘Time’ and ‘Fixed Price Items’ in Skylight.

Managing Custom Statuses


To manage custom statuses head over to your business settings:

Please note that only users who have access can see this view.

Custom Statuses in your business settings.


On this view you can add new statuses for project and stages, time blocks and fixed price items. By default we have created few statuses here for you. You can edit the existing ones or create new ones.

Add a New Custom Status to Your Business Account


To add a new status simple click on ‘+’ sign within the section of a project, time or fixed price item to add a new status. On the next pop-up, enter Name (1) for the status and select a color by dragging the mouse over the color wheel (2).

The Default (3) option is currently only available for time blocks and fixed price items. So when you are creating a new record, e.g. time log, the default status is always selected; after you are done, please click on Save.