Skylight allows you to send email messages and receive emails back into Skylight. By default, all conversations in Skylight are only accessible to its participants. See the example below:


In the above example, the two participants of the thread, Roger and Taimur, are the only ones who have access to this conversation thread.

How to Give Team Members Access To Threads When They Are Not Participants

Now to give another team member access to the above conversation, you will need to add them as a participant to the message and make sure their access level allows them to see messages.

To edit user permissions for conversation scoping, all you need to do is edit the group permission and select ‘Conversation Scope’. To do this please follow the instructions below.

'Conversation Scope'

‘Conversation Scope’ for group permissions are turned off by default to protect the privacy of the conversation threads. This means that besides business owners (Admins) no one can see other conversations going on within your account or business on Skylight, unless they are participants in that conversation and have the right access levels set in the permission group they are assigned to.

But at certain times, team members need to have access to all conversations. This will be useful for team members who need to have an overview of all the emails related to projects, invoices or accounts in general. For instance, managers, administrators or business owners.

This is a two-stage process:

  1. Edit the permission group so that the group can access all the conversations within your business. If you are using default conversations (1), then create a duplicate one for editing.
  2. If you are using default permission groups, then you will need to change the permission level of the user.


To edit the permission group, browse to yourCompany Settingsfrom main navigation on the left of your screen and then click on ‘Groups'.


If you don’t have a custom group yet, then duplicate one of the system groups (2), and select that group for editing.


Tick ‘Conversation Scope’ (3). Enabling this option will give members access to all the conversations in your business. Make sure to save this, by clicking ‘Save’.

Now if this was a new permission group, you will need to change permission settings for all the users who need to have this new group permission. If you were editing custom groups, or an already copied group, then no changes are needed; you simply just ask your users to log out and back into Skylight for the new permissions to take effect.

How to Change Existing Permission Group for a User


Go to the ‘Users & Invitations’ tab, and from there you can easily see who has access to your business with their access group settings (4). You will need to select the ‘Edit’ button (5) to edit each individual user privilege. This will take you direct to 'Settings' tag on the user's contact profile.


When on the contact’s profile settings tab, select the ‘Group’ (6) from the drop-down menu and choose the new group (7) – see below:


Make sure to 'Save' (8). After saving, please ask the user to log out of Skylight and back in for the new permission to take effect.