Skylight helps you budget, schedule and log time. It also provides a clever way for you to create invoices from billable time and quotes from budgeted time and much more. But there are situations where you might want to export these time events to external calendars such as Google calendar, iCal and Outlook. You can share project calendar, resource and contact calendars to external applications.


To be able to share Skylight calendar events with external applications, you would need to first browse to the contact, resource or a project you wish to share. Browse to the Settings(1) tab and scroll to the section Subscribe to Skylight calendar (2) and select the drop down option Allow Sharing (3).


Select Yes (1) on drop down Allow Sharing (2) option as shown above.


This will then give you an option + Create a sharing link? (1), click this link.


On the next popup window, give this sharing option a Title (1) and Description (2) so that you know what this sharing options was for. As you can create multiple sharing options for the same data source in Skylight, it is always advisable to use enough information so that if you get back to this view later on, you can easily recall what the sharing was for.

Next, select if you want to share event details like project, resource etc. or just want to see when this calendar shows up on your external calendar software. If you do wish to share this information then select Show Details(3).

In Skylight you can have custom statuses for time-based events, so in the next section you select the relevant status. We recommend that you only share one status per Sharing option, although a multiple option selection is also possible in Time Block Status(4).

Require Token (5) option might not work with your calendar software so please keep this ticked off. But if you are concerned about the security, then please enable this and test; if the sharing doesn’t work then you might have to come back to this view and edit this sharing option to disable Require Token (5).

And finally don’t forget to Save (6).


After saving you will see a new record in your sharing options.

If you click on URL (1) your browser will download the latest .ics file, which you can import into your calendar software. To share the new link with external calendars, please hover over the URL (1) link and then RIGHT CLICK or CTRL + CLICK (PC) or CMD + CLICK (MAC) and select Copy Link Address (2) option. Now you are ready to add the link to your Google, Yahoo, iCal and many other calendar software.

We cache these shared streams and at times it will take up to 5 minutes for new events from Skylight to show up on your external calendars. Also this sharing option is one way from Skylight to external software. So if you make any changes in your external calendar, Skylight data will not be updated.