Skylights document management solution gives you unprecedented control over all your important files. With Skylight you have a full business management solution out of the box, with project management, billing and task system that can also log time.

Skylight truly comes full circle when Google drive integration is used, with Google permission management you have further control over who actually can view a specific file. Import, upload and create new Google Sheet, Drawing, Word and Presentations.

You can attach files to projects, tasks, comments for collaboration, annotate as well as import and add Google Drive files.

Document management for small business

We all love our documents, excel sheets, word and powerpoint presentations, we also like to organise these files in various folders, bounce email attachments back and forth between our collogues. And for some files, we hold dear and end up having multiple copies floating about. Sounds familiar?

If I say that in the past I have spent hours comparing conflicting excel sheets, or locating a specific document emailed to me way back in the day! We all have been there. It's common and easy for us to attach a file to an email and off it goes! Off your hands and delivered.

Yes in some cases you have to send files, such might be when sending out an invoice, booking form and contract document. But in day to day internal use it might just be costing your business substantial amount in cost of time.

The solution would be to use many of the online cloud based file management system like Dropbox and Google Drive. The cost of annual subscription will out number the benefits, I would also recommend to go for annual subscription offer if available and affordable from cash-flow point of view.


Skylight currently integrates with Google Drive, this means you can upload and import Google Drive files to Skylight projects, tasks and comments. Google drive files further benefit from file sharing capabilities of Google Drive itself, so only users who have access to the file from your google drive will be able to see the contents of the file. This give you unprecedented control over how you work with confidential files that exist within Skylight.

For example James Smith has access to view,add,edit files, so he can virtually do most actions except delete a file in your Skylight business account. Now if you were to import a file in from Google Drive, it will show up on Skylight list of files attached to lets say a project. See image below, And James Smith though would be able to see the file in Skylight but when he needs to view it the user permissions are than deferred to your Google file permissions.

The advantage of real time collaboration on word, excel and powerpoint is just phenomenal not to mention that all your project related files in your Google drive as actually linked to a Skylight project.

Skylight support multiple of file formats from previews, and full editing capabilities with its Google Drive integration.

Here is a brief list of whats possible with Skylight document management features.

  • Create, edit, and import, Word, Excel, and Presentation files (Google Drive account required)
  • Attach files to projects, tasks, contacts, comments, and messages
  • Upload any file format to your Skylight account
  • Advance your business management with Google Drive and Google Docs integration
  • Annotate on JPEGs, GIFs, and PNG images, and view their previews (perfect for designers!)
  • Upload, share, and play video and audio files
  • Tag and filter files to create custom groups
  • Drag and drop files to tasks, projects and comments to upload to Skylight and integrated drives (coming 2015)

Attaching files to Tasks


Files are most commonly used within Projects and Tasks, to aid collaboration and project management. This feature eradicates the need for emailing documents and endless searches. You can simply click on a Task and attach files from your computer or import from your google docs.

You can also add files when commenting anywhere in Skylight. As you can see from the screenshot above, the task was assigned to 'James Robin', and he has commented with a file attachment (2). The way it works is that any files attached to a task, or a comment on that task will show up the chain to the project that tasks belong too.

Recent Files On Project View


Skylight keeps all the most recent files in focus, as you can see most recent files on the project view above. Do note that If the Task is linked to a project, any files uploaded to that ask or attached to a comment on that task, will show up on the recent files section of your project.

On a Project Overview page you have access to Files(1) section which lists any file thats been attached to a comment, task or any related item within this project. Though invoice attachments and files attached to any messages may further be hidden from the user based on their permission group settings.

Google Drive and Google Docs Integration


Skylight integrated with Google Docs which allows your team to collaborate on Google Word or Google Sheets files in realtime and still connect that file to a specific task in Skylight.

You can also import your existing Google Docs into Skylight and create new Google Docs straight from Skylight(1). All Google files in Skylight will show a small icon(2) so that you can see if a specific file is from Google. Skylight will not control who sees that actual file, as that will be controlled by Google file sharing options, giving you extra layer of control over who sees what.

The screenshot above shows you the options(1) you have when uploading a file. You can either Upload to Google Docs, Import from Google Docs, create a New Google Document and create a New Google Spreadsheet straight from Skylight.


The screenshot above shows an example of creating and editing a new Google word document looks like in Skylight. You have the same editing features as viewing the file on Google site or you can edit the file in Full Screen(2) mode right from the file viewer.

For Design Agencies and Designers - Image Annotation for collaborating on image files


Image annotation is great for designers and design houses, because that way team members can know exactly what is being referred to in a comment or message, such as "change the top color to a lighter blue". Instead of having to provide team members with lengthy descriptions, simply drag on an image and add a annotation comment, so they know exactly what you mean.

You can add an annotation to any file you upload onto Skylight, by clicking on the file, and simply selecting Add Annotation (3). The green text rectangle around Login (4) shows the field of the annotation, and the text underneath is the text associated with the annotation. It comes up when you hover over the annotation field.


Attaching Files to Contact profiles


Files in Skylight can be attached to projects and tasks, but also to contacts, comments, and emails. An instance where you would need to attach a file to a contact, e.g. would be to associate the CV (2) with the particular contact(1), as shown in the screenshot above. Another use case would be specific client contracts, freelancers contracts.

In the screenshot above, there are currently two files attached to contact(1) contact, One is his CV, and the other is his profile picture. Other items to attach to contacts can include audio, video, documents, Google docs like Google Word, pdf and much more.

There are many uses for files within Skylight, and this article attempted to capture the most important ones. We are always listening to our customer's advice, please feel free to contact Skylight if you want features not yet available. Our customer feedback is what keeps Skylight standing still, and helps our continuous evolution!