The 'Files' view is the home of the 'Files' features within Skylight. This guide will discuss 'Files' view in more depth, and explain all the things it can do for you.


The screenshot above captures the 'Files' view. As you can see, there are three main sections to this view: The 'Files' tab (1), the Filter (2), and the recent items (3).

In the 'Files' tab (1), you have the option of uploading a new image, deleting or bulk editing a selection, and creating new reports.

The 'Filter' (2) can help you to quickly sort through an array of files, and find what you find. Simply filter by filename, size, tags, or upload date. You can also save filters you use often, to maximize your time.

The biggest section, which holds all files (3) is the most integral to this view. In this section, you can view all the files, edit them, and comment on them.

The 'Files' Tab


The 'Files' tab has three buttons: 'Add' (4), 'With Selected..' (5), and 'Reports' (6).



The 'Filter' (7) allows you to filter the files by certain criteria, such as filename, size, tags, or the upload date. You can also save filters (8) that you use often for quick use.

'Files' Section


The main section of the 'Files' view is the section which shows the actual files. You can select (10) the files to bulk edit on the left, view the file's activity, download the file to your computer (11), and edit and view them here.