For a complete business and online invoicing system its essential that you can customize headers and footers in your Skylight business account. The headers and footers in Skylight are fully customizable, with a full text editor and an HTML option. When an invoice is printed, a quote is sent as a PDF attachment, or when these are viewed online by your clients, they contain your company brand.

Headers and Footers


You can find the Headers and Footers settings by following the steps given below:

  1. Hover the cursor over Settings option in the main navigation menu.
  2. Select Company Settings.
  3. On the Company Settings view, click Setup and then select the Headers & Footers (1)tab as shown in the above image.

Or just use this link

Insert a Company Logo into the Header and Footer


Please note that if you want to use a logo, the file must not be larger than 200KB, and must be in .png or .jpeg format. Please do not use externally linked images (such as images from your website) as this will not work for PDFs, and instead use an image saved on your hard drive, uploading it into the text editor by selecting the image upload option (2) as shown in the above image.

Follow the instructions on screen to upload the file.

After you are happy with the results, please click Next or Save.

Formatting the Look and Feel of Your Invoices


If you would like to add a logo on the left and add address details on the right, this can be done with the use of tables. To do so, click on the Insert/Edit Table option (3) as shown above.


Next, on the next ‘Insert/Edit Table’ window take the following steps. In this window do the following:

1. Input ‘2’ for columns as we need one for the logo and one to put the address in, and as we need both the logo and the address data in one row we enter ‘1’ row field.
2. Select the alignment to be in the Center, and type in 100% for the width.
3. Click Insert.


Now you have two columns, we click in the left column and then use the image icon(1)to insert our uploaded image into the left column. If the image is not left of the frame then you can select the image and select left align(2). You have now inserted the company logo as shown. Next, you simply type your address into the right column, you can align this to the right.

Below are some samples of invoice format headers generated in Skylight.

Sample Online Invoices


In Skylight with combination of tool available you can create custom online invoice formats that suite your business needs.