The advantage of Skylight is that you have accessibility to related data all across the interface. Here are a few of the ways in which you can access your ‘Projects'.

Dashboard ‘My Projects’ Widget


These lists of projects are the ones where you are a participant and is organized by recent activity and can also be searched by project title.


You can click to see on ‘+ Activity’ (1) to view recent recent project-based activity, hover over ‘Comments’ (2) to see recent comments and leave a new comment, upload new Files'(3) or see recent ones and view recently added ‘Tasks'(4).

Accessing ‘Projects’ from the Main Navigation


Skylight’s main navigation not only provides a quick way of adding a new project or see recently active projects, but also a quick way to get to the ‘Projects’ List View.

‘Projects’ List View


These are all the projects that are in your company or that you have access to. These lists are also organized by recent activity so that you can see all the latest projects right on top of the list.

Advanced filters (1) and saved filters (2) are a few extra options that give you the ability to see projects filtered by client, specific date, participants (teams) and provide you many other options.

The ‘Project’ (3) List View is a great way not only to see the overall picture of your business, but to also leave a comment, add new information like a task, milestone, billable time and much more.

Online project management in Skylight also offers you a quick way to filter your project lists based on project status. Do note that you can create your own custom statuses in Skylight for projects

View Projects from Contacts point of view – Helping with Online CRM


There are times when you need to see what projects are related to a client or who in your team is working on which task.

There are various ways of doing this in Skylight. One way is to do this from the ‘Contacts’ profile view (1). We explore more into contacts and their related tabs and sections in our ‘Contacts’ section on Skylight’s Knowledge based articles. In this tutorial, we are focusing on the ‘Projects’ tab (2) within a Contact Profile (1).


This view is split into three sections: ‘Projects as Participant’ (1), which is mainly your team and freelancers, ‘Projects as Client’ (2) and ‘Projects as Client Contact’ (3); client contacts are contacts on a project that are related to the client assigned to the project.

To understand business contact manager in Skylight, please see the contact relationship section here

View Projects from Tasks point of view – Helping with Task Management


When viewing task lists view or tasks in the ‘Task’ view, all data for the project and related milestones is just a click away.

Projects from the Accounting Views (e.g. Invoices, Quotes and PO (Working Orders)


‘Invoices’, ‘Quotes’ and ‘Purchase Orders’ in List View all show related projects, which you can then click on and go to.