If you are an Administrator or Manager of a business, then you will be seeing every project, milestone and other data in the business and have access to all areas.

You might not want to know every conversation within a business or see all the projects that are within your business.

Duplicate an Existing Group Permission for Customisation


On 'Groups' under your 'Company Settings' select 'Duplicate' (1) on 'Administrator'. This will duplicate the system default as a new permission group for further customisation titles 'Administrator (copy)' (2). Select 'edit' (3) to make changes to this new group.


On the edit view, give this new group a name that is unique to any of the system groups (4).

The 'Visibility' (2) section defines what you will be able to see when logged in.


To reduce the data you can see for projects, conversations and activity disable the following sections:

Activity Line items (6): This disables all the activity feeds.
Projects Scope (7): This should be disabled if you don't wish to see all the data for every other project in your business.
Conversation Scope (8): This restricts access to email messages. You will only see messages where you are the participant.

Don't forget to press 'Save' at the end of the page.

Now head to your contact profile and click 'Settings', and select the new permission group.



Select 'Save', log out and log back in for the new settings to come into effect.