Change date and time formats so that they are shown in the format best suited to your needs, e.g. Date/Month/Year (d/m/Y) to Month/Date/Year (m/d/Y).

Change Date Format


To change date format please visit the Personal Settings section from main navigation/settings/personal settings or by following the link:

On the personal settings view, you can choose Date Format (1), combination of Y = Year, m = Month and d = Day separated by "-" or "/", and Time Format (2). Skylight shows dates in the format most suited for your region. e.g. d-m-Y or m-d-Y.


Select the drop-down menu and choose the right format.

Here are some examples of Date format:

d/m/Y as 31/12/12
m/d/Y as 12/31/12
d-m-Y as 31-12-12
m-d-Y as 12-31-12
7th of February 2012
Thu 7/2/2008

After making the selection press Save. Now all the dates across Skylight will change in the format you set here.

Change Time Format


Select Time Format drop-down (1) and select the format most close to your needs and press Save.

Next you should look at Time Zone support so that your time billing and time logging is set correctly.