Skylight time management tools are a brilliant way for you to manage time scheduling and billing. In this chapter, we will learn how to change the time zone settings so that all the calendar events are shown relevant to your time zone or where you are based.

Change Time Zone


To change time zones, please visit 'Personal Settings' by following this link:

In the next screen, click the 'Timezone' (1) drop-down menu.


A list of all available time zone settings in Skylight will appear, select the most appropriate time zone and press the 'Save' button.

Now all the times for events, activities and more across Skylight will be converted into your time zone. So for example, if your colleague from USA posted something, the date/time will be converted as per your time zone, so when you receive the message you will know when that action took place, relative to where you are.

Next you should look at Date and Time formats.