We explore the various options you have of collaborating with your internal team on a project and how it really works. You can collaborate with your team by adding team members to a project, assigning them roles, commenting, uploading files with comments, and replying to messages directly from your email.

Adding Project Participants from 'My Projects'


Project participants are the people who get notified of the various actions that take place within a project, and that get to participate in the completion of the project. If you wish to add certain team members to a project, then you need to add them as project participants.

The project participants will see the assigned project on their dashboard, as well as being able to see activity and notifications about this project.

You can add project participants straight from your dashboard, in 'My Projects', or from the 'Projects' view. To add participants from your dashboard, hover over to 'My Projects', and select the edit button (1) next to an existing project. Then, select 'Add Participant' (2) from the drop-down menu.

'Add Participants' Form


After selecting 'Add Participant' (2), you will see the above pop-up window. Here you can specify which team member, or 'Contact' (3) you want to add, and which 'Role' (4) that person should take within the project. In this example, we have decided to add 'James Robin', and give him the role of 'Sales Director' within the project.

Adding Project Participants from 'Projects' View


There is another way of adding participants to existing projects, and that is from 'Projects' view. To access 'Projects' view, hover over the main navigation, select 'Projects' to access the proejct list view. Then hover over the project, select the edit button (5), and click on 'Add Participant' (6). The add form will open up again, and then just follow the previous step to add participants successfully.

Participants and Roles

As you saw in the previous steps, you can add 'Roles' to your project participants. These are just simple tags to keep the project organized, and do not have any implications on what that participant is able to do on the project. The only thing that affects what team members of a project can view and access, is 'User Permission Groups'. To find out more about that, please have a look at our 'Group Permission' section on Skylight's Knowledge base.

Levels of Project Participant Collaboration


The above diagram provides an overview of where commenting in Skylight projects is available.

As you can see from the diagram, a visitor on your project can comment on various project elements, such as a task, stage, milestone and on any files related to that project.

What happens when a Comment is left on a Project?


When a comment is left on a project level, all the participants receive an email notification, as seen above. The user can either click the link provided in that email to visit that section in Skylight (7), or they can just reply to that comment from their email (8). You can also attach a file to your reply, by attaching it as you regularly would in an email. These attached files will be extracted by Skylight and attached to the task or a project to which the comment is related.

Adding Files to Comments


You can attach any number of files to a comment. These files are shown with the comment you posted, and the files also appear under the project's 'Files'. If the file is attached under a specific task, it will appear under that 'Task' throughout the app.

To add a file to a comment, go into 'Project' view, and scroll down to 'Recent Comments'. Then, navigate to '+ Add Comment' (9) and click. The following window will pop-up (10) as shown above. Here, you can input 'Your Comment', and simply 'Attach Files..'. The comment will then be posted with the file attached to the comment, as seen in the comment above (11).

If this comment is on a task or a project the attached files will be available on the Project Files and Task Files tag.