In Skylight business collaboration platform, permission groups provide comprehensive ways of managing all user access to the business data in Skylight.


To create a new permission group, browse to theCompany Settings’ (1), and select ‘Groups’ (2).

About Permission Groups


In this window, you can see a list of all the permission presets in your business. The ones marked ‘[system]’ (1) are default permission groups that cannot be edited. But you can ‘Duplicate’ (2) them for further customization and personalisation to help you and your team with work collaboration.

You can also select the ‘+’ add button (3) to create a new permission group.

Editing Permission Groups in Skylight


User access permission groups in Skylight are split between various sections, each section has some description as to what it does. To enable a specific feature to the user, you can give them access to add, view, edit or delete records.

When you are finished editing, save the preset you have just created.

Switch option to test user access permissions


You can test user access permission in Skylight before you start to assign them to team members for business collaboration. Simply select the ‘Switch’ option and follow the on-screen instructions.


Skylight will temporarily allow you to browse your account with the selected permissions. And it will only show you the records that you as a user with these new permissions settings have access to.

Skylight interface will remove those sections from view.

This gives you the ability to check what the other user will see before you start to ship these new permission settings.