You can create an invoice from business project data entered into Skylight, for example billable time, expenses, etc. You can also generate a stand-alone invoice on its own. In this section, we explore both options helping your business with online invoicing.

Creating an Invoice from billable time


At Skylight, we always recommend creating a project first (1), and then creating relevant invoices for that project. This way, you are keeping all time logs (2) and tasks together in a project, sending the logged time to an invoice (3) or budgeted time to a quote in few clicks.

Creating an Invoice from the Dashboard Widget and through the Main Navigation


To create an invoice from the Dashboard, all you need to do is head to the 'Invoice' widget, and click on the '+' button. To create a new invoice from your main navigation, head to 'Accounts', then click on 'Invoice', and then 'Add'. Please note that if you wish to send time-based expense data to an Invoice, you would need to do this from within the project.

How to Create an Invoice from the Accounting Section


To create an invoice from the 'Accounting Overview' is just as simple as the other methods. Simply head over to the second tab, 'Invoice', and click on the '+' button to create a new invoice.

How to Create an Invoice from Invoice List View


To create an invoice from the 'Invoice List View', just click '+', all these options will result in Invoice add form. We will explain that in the next chapter