So you have created an invoice, and now it’s time to send your online invoice to a client. In this tutorial, we will go through the steps of how to send an invoice to a client. It is the same process for sending a quote or a purchase order.

Send invoice from invoice preview


It is always advisable to check your invoice before committing it to an email.

The best place to do this is in the Invoice Preview, as this way you see what your client is going to see. The main points to check, besides the invoice line items, are the due date you expect the payment to come through, the total amounts, and that the line items have taxes and any discounts applied to them.

After checking if you are satisfied with the invoice, it is time to send it to the client. You can do this from various places, but let us start with the ‘Invoice Preview’ screen. In the screenshot above, select Send (1) in the side panel to create a new message.


In the new email message being generated, some of the information from the invoice like project, invoice reference, recipient and client email addresses are already populated.

When the message is created using the send option, Skylight automatically embeds a link to the invoice (3). This is a special one-off link generated for this message only and should not be shared with unintended parties. This link will allow your client to view the preview of this invoice without logging into Skylight account, and if you have PayPal gateway enabled, they would be able to pay using their credit card or PayPal account.

You can also add other Participants to this conversation by entering their contact names in the field provided (1), and a list of all the participants is shown under the Participants (2) section.

Skylight also pulls your message signature from your personal settings automatically.

After you are happy with the message content please select ‘Send‘.

Note you can change your email signature(4) in user personal settings.

Send invoice in an email from invoice list view


It is very simple to send an invoice in an email through the Invoice(1) list view. Just use the drop-down menu next to each invoice listing and select Send (2).

Sending an invoice from the dashboard invoice widget


From your dashboard’s Invoice widget (1), click on the action button on the row of the invoice you would like to send. This will reveal the drop-down menu, then you simply select Send (2).

Send an invoice in an email from project view


If you want to send an Invoice when inside a project (1), head to the Accounts(2) tab and click the action button next to the row item that you wish to send, and then on the drop-down menu, select Send (3).

Send an invoice in an email from a client contact view


If you want to send an invoice when on a clients contact or any contact (1) view, head to the Accounts (2) tab and click on the actions button on the right of the row item that you wish to send and then on the drop-down, select Send (3).