Skylight, an online document management tool, has now added Google Docs integration to its platform. Now you can enable Google Docs and avail the features like upload to Google Docs, import from Google Docs, online document editing, file sharing online, documents management; in just a few clicks. In this chapter, we will go through integrating your Google Apps, Google Drive and Google Docs with Skylight.

You can now add your Google files to projects, tasks, and comments, whether they are Excel, Word or Presentation files.

Enable Google Files Integration with Skylight by Importing Files from Google


The quickest way to enable Google Docs (or Apps) on Skylight is as follows:

  1. Hover the cursor over Files on the main navigation to the left of your screen. A drop-down menu will appear.
  2. In the drop-down menu hover over Add. A drop-down menu with all the options of Google Docs will appear. Select Upload to Google Docs,Import from Google Docs, New Google Document, New Google Spreadsheet or New Google Presentation as per your requirement.

Selecting any of the above options will check if you have a Google account integrated with your Skylight account. If not, then you will have to Authorize your Google Account, Skylight will take you through necessary steps as shown below.


In this view, you will have to click on Authorize your Google Account to authenticate your Google account with Skylight.

Please note, that if Google shows you the personal Google sign-in page and you want to use a “Google Apps for your Domain” account instead, you may need to sign in externally first in the link given below, and then come back to Skylight and follow the above steps again.

You can also request all your business users to use a single “Google Apps for your Domain” account by specifying a “Google Hosted Domain” in your Skylight Business Settings by following this link:

Select a Google Account to Connect to Your Skylight Account


After clicking on Authorize your Google Account, the above screen will appear. Select the account you want to authenticate with Skylight.

Confirm Authentication to Go Ahead


Click Allow access to confirm that you want to integrate your Google Docs with Skylight.

After confirming, you will be redirected to Skylight where you will now be able to enjoy the benefits of cloud-based document editing within a collaboration application. Now Google Files are available for you to attach to comments, tasks, projects, contacts and resources.

Adding Google Docs Integration from Your Personal Settings


Another way of enabling Google Docs integration is to enable it from your personal account settings. To do this hover over Settings on the main navigation bar and then select Personal Settings from the drop-down menu.


In the next screen, select Personal Settings for [Company_Name] tab and scroll down to the end of the screen.


Click the green button Link to Google Docs account and follow the same steps as described above to successfully integrate your Google account with Skylight.