This section will go through the steps of how to manage teams and tasks within the 'Project View'. How to see which tasks are assigned to you, your team, and organize project's to-do list.

Filtering Tasks through Assigned Users


The screenshot above shows us the 'Project's' (1) sub-section tab 'Tasks' (2). To go to this view, we clicked on 'All Tasks' (3), which provides us with a global view of all the tasks in this particular project. On our right we have the quick search and filter options (5).

We can see there are tasks assigned to 'Cynthia' and 'James' in the above list (4) and now, we wish to see all the tasks for James on this project. To do this we are going to use our filter option on the right sidebar (5).

Filter Tasks by Assigned User


In the filter search, click on the 'Title' field and select 'Assigned To' from the drop-down list.


In the input field, enter the name of the team member you wish to filter the list by. In this example we will type in 'James' (15) and select him from the drop-down (6).

You can also pull contacts in from the contact list (7) which will result in a pop-up with the contacts.


If you need to select multiple contacts at the same time, select the contacts option (8), click on the names in the pop-up (10) and then the names are added to the input field in the filter.

Now press 'Apply' (10) to enable the filter to filter by 'Assigned To' and come out with the names we have selected.


Now, we changed the filter to show 'Assigned By' 'Cynthia'. And the filtered results show only Cynthia's tasks. Also, note that the stats blocks have updated to reflect the filtered selection.