This tutorial will outline how the image annotation feature can help your business, and how to do it.

Uses for Image Annotation

Skylight recently developed an 'Image Annotation' feature, as this was highly requested by our customers. The most obvious use for this feature involves designers and design houses, as working remotely in such an industry often creates unnecessary tension when miscommunication happens. The 'Image Annotation' feature in Skylight aims to solve this exact problem. Rather than trying your best to describe what you mean, it allows you to simply show it.

This feature is useful for any business that needs to be able to show something to another team member, a feature previously only available when being in the physical presence of that team member. Now, Skylight allows you to work remotely without the drawbacks, by bringing this feature to Skylight's online platform.

This article will explain how to use image annotation after having uploaded a file into Skylight:

How Annotate an Image


Annotating an image in Skylight is as simple as uploading it, and then clicking on it. The image above shows the various options you have of uploading files. You can upload virtually any file format into Skylight, and therefore have the ability to annotate any file with a preview. After uploading the file, click on it, and you will be presented with this view:


The above screenshot presents you with the 'File Preview'. At the top right, you can see the button for 'Add Annotation' (1). You simply click it, add the annotation you desire. Then, the place you designated for the annotation will be marked by a thin rectangle shape (2), and when hovering over it, you will be able to see the comments you have added to that annotation.


You will also be able to see all recent annotations right below the preview, titled 'Recent Annotations'. Here you will be able to see the text description of the most recent annotations, as shown above. Clicking on the colored hyperlinks, will direct you to the annotation on the image.