To import contacts into Skylight you will need to split your contact list into Person (people) and Companies. In this chapter we will import Companies contact details, and at the same time tell Skylight which contacts work at which companies, so all the relationships between Companies and Person (people) contacts are created for you on import.

Import Contacts


We recommend you to import companies contacts first before importing people, please head to and then select the Companies tab as illustrated below.

When you are on Companies import page, select Import from CSV (1).


On the next page, download a CSV file template(1) or you can upload a CSV file already formatted in the Skylight CSV format (2).

In this example, we will follow Step (1) and download a fresh template. Once you have downloaded the template file (1), please open it in your preferred software like Excel or another .csv editor such as OpenOffice.

Opening the CSV Import Template for Editing

Open a new spreadsheet in Excel. To do this, select file/import from Excel top menu and browse to the downloaded file and open it. Excel will take you through an initial text import wizard with the following steps.


When on the Microsoft Excel text import wizard:

1. Make sure Delimited (1)is selected and your computer settings are correct. In this case we are using a Macintosh (2).

2. Select Next (3) to proceed.

  1. In Delimiters (1)select Semicolon and Comma .
  2. Your Data Preview (2)should look like the example above.
  3. Press Finish (3)to import the file to Excel.

Once you have opened the CSV in Excel you are ready to populate it with your data

CSV Companies - Import Template Explained

When the csv file is opened it will contain some dummy data as illustrated below.


You should replace the sample data with your data make sure that the fields contain the right data, i.e. name = Company Name.

CSV Header Fields


Make sure not to edit header information this should not be altered under any circumstances. If you change the header names, the import will fail.

Exceptions are made where we have provided instructions for you to follow, like in the example above you should remove[1=Yes, 0=not a fax] and any field that has brackets [….] with help instructions in them.

Import Fields for Companies Contacts

Following is the description of all the relevant field for the companies data import.

  • name: Company name.
  • description: Description of company or bio of the business or could be notes.
  • CompanyProfile.vat_number:VAT number of the company or a tax reference number.
  • CompanyProfile.company_number: Number of the company.

Skylight provides you with a way of having as many multiple addresses, phone numbers, emails, web links and social profiles per contact as you wish. When importing with the provided template, take note of the heading and formatting; e.g.PostalAddress.0.line_1has .0. in the middle (PostalAddress.0.line_1) this tells Skylight that this record is a default address for this contact. The same goes for phone numbers, i.e.PhoneNumber.0.number is the default andPhoneNumber.1.number is not a default, but simply another number for this contact. So if you needed up to 10 phone numbers for a contact, the latter will becomePhoneNumber.10.number- note number .10. which tells Skylight import system that this number is 10th in the series of numbers for this contact.

Contacts Address:

Remember that these are groups of fields that combine to form contact addresses. Please do not import all contact address details into one field. We need them organized into country, city and post-code/zip code, in order for location-based searches and other features within Skylight to function correctly.

  • PostalAddress.0.line_1:Address data goes here like 123 Oxford Street.
  • PostalAddress.0.line_2
  • PostalAddress.0.line_3
  • name of the City
  • PostalAddress.0.postcode_or_zip:Enter the zip code or post code or any number or text combination.
  • PostalAddress.0.country_code_iso2: Please check the reference on country codes further in the manual. Iso2 codes are GB for United Kingdom, US for United States, BR for Brazil. You can Google iso2 country code for reference.

Phone numbers:

Phone numbers should only contain numbers.

  • PhoneNumber.0.number:Actual phone number this will be the default number for the company.
  • PhoneNumber.0.extension:If the number above is a switchboard number, then enter an extension number for this contact.
  • PhoneNumber.1.number:Optional phone number; this is going to be secondary number for the contact.
  • PhoneNumber.1.extension: If the number above is a switchboard number, then enter an extension number for this contact.
  • PhoneNumber.2.number:Same as above but secondary number or can be a fax number see below.
  • PhoneNumber.2.extension: If the number above is a switchboard number, then enter an extension number for this contact.
  • PhoneNumber.2.is_fax [1=Yes, 0=not a fax]: Enter 1 if the phone number is a fax number.

Email Addresses:

Email addresses should always be in the format of, if you put anything else the system will fail import.

  • This is a default email for this contact.
  • This is another email address for this contact.

If you need more email addresses for your import, then you can add new columns, …


Make sure to enter the correct web address and without any spaces.

  • Weblink.0.url: This is a default web address for this contact.
  • Weblink.1.url: This is another web address for this contact.

If you need more web addresses for your import, then you can add new columns:Weblink.2.url…..Weblink.6.url.

Social Links:

Social links include contacts in Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. For Twitter, use @skylightit or @profileID, for Facebook use full URL and same for LinkedIn.

  • SocialProfile.0.profile: This is a default Social Profile.
  • SocialProfile.0.type: Use either one of the following Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Following are further profile links as donated by numbers in the field 1,2,3…. if you need to add more social profiles.

  • SocialProfile.1.profile
  • SocialProfile.1.type
  • SocialProfile.3.profile
  • SocialProfile.3.type
  • InstantMessenger.0.type:Use either one of the following Skype,Yahoo, MSN, Google Talk.
  • InstantMessenger.0.username_or_email:Enter profile id/name.


Think of tags as skills or custom grouping, a few tips here would be to add ‘company’ to every company contact or you could split them in regions, e.g. South, USA, etc each separated by a comma “,“.

You can read more about tags here:

  • add_tags_by_name [comma separated]:Examples might include “Company, Client….”; Skylight will import two tags ‘Company’ and ‘Client’, which will help you use our filters to segment your contacts lists.

Remember to remove [comma separated], [0=no,1=yes] and any header with brackets [….some text….].

Upload CSV File for Import


Once you are happy with your CSV file and have entered, copied and pasted all the information that you wish to import, it’s time to import it into Skylight.

  • Select‘Choose File’ (1)and in the next window browse to your file and select.
  • Once selected, your filename will appear in the upload section(2).
  • Click‘Upload’ (3).

That’s it! Now the Skylight import process will start, any errors will be flagged up.

If you need help importing your data please contact Skylight customer care on or following the link here :