You can import contacts, tax rates and more into Skylight. We recommend that you import data at the earliest. This chapter covers the overview of what data can be imported.

To import data into Skylight, the following information can be imported:

  1. Contacts: Import process divided between two separate processes, importing people and importing companies.
  2. Accounting Tax codes: These are used on Invoice line items.
  3. Roles and Skills: in the form of Tags and Tag Groups.
  4. Resources: These can be Equipment, Rooms and Services.
  5. Rates: Used in time bookings and expenses.

The data that you wish to import should be in a .csv format (Comma Separated Format). To do this, you will need access to Microsoft Excel or Open Office on your computer and sample .csv files provided by us.

The step to import data are the same across all imports, whether it be for Contacts, Accounting Tax Codes, Roles and Tags, Resources or Rates.

Skylight Import Templates


Now, when you click on 'Import' for any of these categories, a window will open as shown above. You will need to download the template first by clicking on 'template XXX CSV File' (1) and populate it with your data following the steps described on the page.

When you are finished with the CSV, save it onto your computer in CSV format, and upload it by selecting 'Choose File' (2) and click on 'Upload'(3) to start the import process.