Online document management in Skylight just got simpler. Skylight team is pleased to announce the latest release of multiple file upload with drag and drop functionality. If you are working with files regularly this update is for you.

Online Document Management

Document management is at the core of what we do at Skylight. its project management system, complete with Google drive integration, provides a secure cloud based solution to share and work with files.

Document Uploads and files in Skylight can be attached to comments, tasks, milestones,contacts and projects, with Google online document editing to help increase collaboration, saving countless emails back and forth.

To help businesses we at Skylight released file upload feature back in December of 2010. Later in that same month, we released support for realtime document editing and collaboration with Google Docs integration.

Drag & Drop Documents to Upload

With the new drag and drop feature you can simply select files from your computer and drop them to a record in Skylight. You can do this across various dashboard widgets or all main list views.

Drag & Drop Files On Your Dashboard


All the main dashboard widgets support drag and drop option, these widgets include My Tasks, Projects, Contacts, Resources, Milestones and Stages widgets. Besides the dashboard widgets, you can also upload files via drag and drop on all main list views.

Upload documents from List views

All the main list views support document uploads option by simple drag and drop. The list views that will take drag and drop files are Projects, Tasks, Stages, Milestones, Contacts and Recourses list views.

In the following example we are uploading files to a project on the project list view, simply select files from your computer (1) and drag them over to the project row 'Client-Corporate Website'(2).


As soon as you drop the files, a new popup will show the progress of the files uploaded (2 below). As this happens in real time, you might want to let all the files upload to complete before moving off the page. Though you can still upload files on the new upload window(1 below).

Document Upload Process


The uploaded documents are saved to your account, if there are images Skylight will generate a thumbnail for them. While the upload is in progress, you can you drag and drop more files to the 'Drop Files Here' area (1 above).

Normal Upload process

Normal upload process is activated from what we call 'Actions' menus, these are available on all records and allow you to perform record related actions. As donated on the following example, at access document upload menu you click on actions menu(1) and hover your mouse over to the File Upload and than Upload File(2). Click this option will result in a new popup window. Remember that uploads are only available if your user group permissions have the right privileges to upload files.


The new resulting popup now has a new drop area(1), you can drop files here, or switch to the conventional upload form which currently only supports single fill upload.


You can drag files in the drop area designated by 'Drop Files Here'(1).

Files will be uploaded one by one, we recommend not to browse away form this page until the upload process has completed. Upload time will depend on your network connection and file size.