Skylight is an online business management tool which sends out notifications when actions or steps are taken by others on your account and are related to you, e.g. adding a task, assigning a task to a user, when users are added to a project, or when replying to a comment.

This helps you to keep track of the actions or whatever is happening across your Skylight account.

Notifications help you improve business online collaboration


To check what notifications you have, just hover your mouse over the 'Notifications' section at the top-right of your screen, as soon as you hover your mouse pointer a pop-up box will appear as shown in the image below:


Any kind of action is displayed in the notification pop-up box, for example someone leaving a comment or sending a message via email. By default, this pop-up box shows you the three most recent notifications sent to you from Skylight. To view the older notification click the 'see more' option.

Accessing records from notification pallet


By default, all the notifications are relevant to the user, so when you are logged in and going through your notifications pop-up box, you will only seeing notifications which are relevant to you.

  1. Clicking on the file link will take you to the file.
  2. Clicking on the contact will take you to the contact's profile view.
  3. Clicking on the message will take you to that message's view.

Tips to accessing related records via Open Link in New Tab


You can keep the current view option while working on another project or contact profile.

Right click on any link to open a new window or browser tab. On the right-click menu select 'Open Link in New Tab'. You will be taken to that record in Skylight opening in a new tab.

A simple solution is to get used to using CTRL + Click (PC) and CMD + Click (Mac). Right mouse button + Click will also do the same trick. This means you can keep your current browser window open while browsing the related data on another browser window or tab. This saves you having to reload page after page.