In Skylight you can organise your tasks in any order of your preference. To do this you will need to have few task lists and tasks on a project.

Assigning Tasks to Task list


One way of assigning existing tasks to a task list is to hover over the task you wish to reallocate to a task list, as you hover a dragable icon appears(1). Click and hold down mouse button and drop this Task over to a task list "Webinar Task List" (2).

A bit about Task Lists


Small number under each task list represents number of tasks in that Task list. The highlighted color shows which task list is currently selected and active.

Now when we look at "Webinar Task List" task list, we can see that the new task we just dropped is in here.


Also note that the stats section(1) and progress bar (2) at the top, now reflects the results based on current task list. In the above screen grab we can one task, and that is reflected in the stats on the top. But 66% is clearly wrong as well as ask list is showing 3 tasks and we can only see 1 here?

Well the reason is that all the completed tasks are hidden from the view as well as not counted in the stats. So in this example we have 1 incomplete task and 2 completed tasks. to see the completed tasks you will need to select 'Show completed' (4) option.


That is why the progress bar(1) is also showing 66% complete. i.e 2 tasks are completed out of 3.

Move task from one task list to another


To move tasks between task lists simply drag and drop them to that task list. Like we did in the previous steps.