How to preview an invoice, the way it will look when it is sent to your client or exported as a PDF. These optios work exactely for quotes and purchase orders.

How Do I Access the Invoice Preview?


From invoice view, you simply click the Preview (6) button on the right. This will take you to the invoice preview page.


Depending on your business, invoice settings and custom headers and footers, your invoice will look like the above image.

Components of the Invoice Preview


Invoice previews are split into the following sections:

  1. Headers (1) and footers (5) are set in your business settings. (There is a separate tutorial on how to customize your headers and footers)
  2. The Invoice details are automatically fetched from the data that you entered while creating your invoice.
  3. This is the grid and contains data from the grid section entered when editing an invoice.
  4. Your total (4) is calculated automatically based on the information in the grid (3). If there are any payments against this invoice, then this total will adjust itself based on those payments.

Other ways to access Invoice Previews


You can also use the 'Invoice' list view (7) to preview the invoice, by selecting the actions button at the end of the row of each invoice, and then clicking on 'Preview' (8).

Invoice preview from your dashboard Invoice widget


From your dashboard Invoice widget (9), click on the action button to reveal the drop-down options menu and then select Preview (10).

Preview Project Invoice


If you want to see a preview of an invoice when inside a project (11), head to the Accounts (12) tab, and click the actions button in the row item, and then select the drop-down to choose Preview (13).

Preview Invoice by client contact


If you want to preview an invoice when in contact or client contact view (14), head to the Accounts(15) tab, click the actions button, and then choose Preview (16).