Skylight provides a way for you to use your own email provider or SMTP settings for sending outgoing email messages. This means that the messages sent from within Skylight system are sent from your email account This feature is only available to our paid subscriptions.

Why use your own SMTP or Email Account provider with Skylight for messaging

When this happens, Skylight adds its own special email address which we call the dropbox email account with message id (e.g. as CC address to all outgoing messages.

This helps with two things: your inbox email account is in the loop of all the email message conversations but Skylight is also in the loop as it adds its own email address to the message. The only thing is that if the recipient of the message doesn't press 'reply all', Skylight will not get that email response and hence it won't be able to keep the conversations updated.

Advantage of using SMTP:

- All emails are sent from your personal email not from the Skylight account.

- Skylight still adds the dropbox address, so it's always in the loop when messages are CC’ed to that address.

- Responses come directly to your account unless...

Enable SMTP

Send Emails from your own Email Account using SMTP -

Head over to your 'Personal Settings' (1) and then 'Personal settings for your company' (2). On this page scroll down after the email signature section.

Send Emails from your own Email Account using SMTP -

Now click and enable 'Use SMTP' this will show the rest of the form in view. Here you need to enter your SMTP details as per your email provider like 'Host', 'Username', 'Password', 'Security' and 'Port Number'.

That's it, just scroll down to the end of the page and press 'Save'.

Testing it all works

Simply go to the messages section and create a test message, make sure to select another colleague's email address as Skylight will not send emails just to the sender, and send. In few minutes you should see this test message in your inbox. If you don't get the test email in your inbox then please double check your settings.

Please note that this feature is only available to our paid subscriptions.