If repetitive data entries, invoices, and quotes on various word and excel documents are a normal part of your daily routine, it's time for you to bring in Skylight online accounting software to save the day.

Accounting Features in Skylight - An Overview


Many businesses incur huge expenses in tracking project information between multiple applications, where project management is disconnected from accounting software in use. In Skylight, we solve this not only by combining time billing and expenses with projects and tasks, but also with invoices, quotes and purchase orders making Skylight a complete online business management software.

In Skylight, you can create invoices, quotes and purchase orders, and then trail that information from individual projects, or access it directly from the accounting section.

The advantage of Skylight's integrated all-in-one system is that you can trace information and reduce repetitive data entry. Skylight’s single-entry approach helps you save valuable time for yourself and your team, while also reducing administrative overhead.

What Can You Do with Skylight's 'Accounting'?

  1. Quickly generate invoices and quotes from billable times and expenses on a project
  2. Use customized headers and footers for an invoice format that works for your business
  3. View accounting statements by project and client
  4. Use multiple tax options and compound taxes
  5. Integrate PayPal for invoices and purchase orders (work orders)
  6. Send accounting invoices, quotes and PO's via email
  7. Generate PDFs of online accounting data like an invoice or a quote to your clients
  8. Easily enter invoice data
  9. Create and import custom tax codes and accounting codes from your favorite accounting package like QuickBooks or Sage
  10. Save more time on regular quotes and invoices using the 'Accounting Templates'
  11. Tag and filter invoices, quotes and PO’s
  12. Generate custom reports

Working with Accounting modules

In Skylight, the advantage of using online project management tools to create an invoice or a quote is that the information is added once, and later can be used from multiple access points, saving you and your team valuable time and reducing administrative overhead.


Within each accounting record, you can create line items, you can use multiple tax rates, accounting codes and more. You can simply drag and drop to reorganize line items when editing. Entering data is extremely easy by providing you with a spreadsheet style editing mode. To create another line, simply go to the last row, and press 'Enter' on your keyboard.

Invoice, Quote & PO Dashboard Widgets


The 'Invoice', 'Quotes' and 'PO's' widgets are available on your dashboard. They are organized by your latest activity - a paid invoice will be on the top of the list. On each widget you have an option to go to the record, edit it or go to the project or contact it relates to. Widgets can be moved around the Dashboard and switched on or off to help you organize your working space.

Accounting Information from Project point of view


In Skylight, you can view accounting information from a project's point of view, as each project has an accounts tab (1). You can see the Invoices (2) which are raised for that project in a condensed list, giving you quick access to the relevant information right from within your project. Similar to invoice section you can also see quotes/estimates (3) and PO or work orders generated for that project.

Accounting Information from Contact point of view


Here you can see the invoices(1) which are raised for a contact(2) or the related company. Keep your team aware of any outstanding bills for a client or overall business from that client so that they can respond quickly when making necessary decisions. Your sales team can see the overall client quotes or estimates sent to the client and invoices created.

If you are working with freelancers, suppliers you can see what Purchase Orders or work orders have been issued. Helping you to make relevant information and make relevant decisions on markups and discounts.