Tasks in Skylight are all about keeping your to-do's organised. On a deeper level, a great organisational tool, by providing you a perfect solution to assign Tasks to a team member, link the task to a project, a stage, or a milestone, add files to them, add comments, bill against time, and relate them to a specific client.


The most common use of task lists in business, is to make sure things are completed on time, and nothing is left out or forgotten. Skylight tasks can assist you in simple task management, as well complex project management, by breaking them into small incremental steps, and keeping them organised through various features, e.g. through assigned users, clients, and projects.

To further organise your tasks, you can create task lists within certain projects, and customise them further by adding tags.

You can view your tasks in a calendar, and simply drag-and-drop to move them around, for ease of use.

To keep all your task-related files together, simply attach them onto the task. You can also add comments onto each task, and invite other team members to collaborate. Rather than overcrowding inboxes, every member will be notified upon a file being uploaded into Skylight.

If your business relies on billing for time, then the task timer feature comes in handy. They provide a quick way for you and your employees to start logging time and creating invoices with a few clicks.

The larger the project, the more complexities there are to impede overall progress. Skylight’s tasks and time logging functions helps you avoid these challenges by assigning tasks to your team, and keeping them organised by grouping them by project, CRM, task lists and tags. This gives you infinite possibilities of organising your ever-growing to-do lists into a manageable chunk and get things done on time.

The use of tasks in Skylight is great for increased accountability, where required information can be accessed by all team members in the same way, and the same place. You will know exactly which information each team member was exposed to, and thus, you will have an overview over which team member completed which task, how active and responsive they are, and how they process the information present. This will also help to centralise business knowledge, as you can create a portal with all information needed, which can be accessed by team members to which it applies to.

Dashboard Task Widget


With Skylight's task feature, you can improve your business' visibility and accountability.

This is a short overview over the main features 'Tasks' in Skylight possesses:

  • Assigning tasks to teams, projectss, contacts (CRM), stages and milestones
  • Logging time for each task using a simple start-and-stop timer
  • Task lists to group tasks, drag-and-drop to organize
  • Mark priority of a task and its completion dates
  • Use tags to create your customised groupings
  • Use priority in tasks to manage schedules
  • Search, filter and track tasks
  • Create estimates for each task, then log actual time taken to complete those tasks
  • Log notes for each occurrence of logged times
  • Import tasks from CSV or Excel

Above is an example of what the 'My Tasks' widget might look like. As you can see, it features incomplete tasks, overdue tasks, tasks which are due today, and tasks due this week. Each task has its unique number, title, and the priority is to the right of each task, in this picture above, the priority for both tasks is 'medium'. Underneath the priority, is the start-and-stop timer to log time against each task.

Task Time Billing And Logging


This is the view you get, when clicking on the start-and-stop timer. The timer can be paused when you move to another project, or take a break. When the timer is closed, Skylight logs the total hours or minutes spent on the task, and then relates that billable time back to the specific project and task.


The picture above shows how to assigns tasks to your team. In the 'Task' window, you assign the task to a team member by inputting their name under 'Assigned User'. On assignment of the task, the team member is notified per email, and will see the task on their dashboard 'Task' widget.

Real Time Statistics


The simple click interface shows all the outstanding task statistics on the dashboard 'Task' widget and 'Task' list views. It's a quick filter that's available on the 'Project' task widget, and all task lists across Skylight.

Task Progress Bar


The task progress bar shows the progress of tasks for each project, stage, milestone and task list.

Comments in Tasks


With Skylight, it is easy to collaborate on tasks by commenting on the task itself. This way, all the conversation about that task is contained within one space, with the relevant documents attached to it for easy reference. Your team gets notified of new comments, and can reply to those comments right from their emails, for increased user-friendliness.


This diagram illustrates how a task relates to a project, as you can see, the bulk of items relates to both, while tasks dissect the project into digestible pieces, and allow comments, files, documents, and tags to be uploaded for better organisation. Essentially, a project is made up of lots of different tasks.