Project - 'Tasks'


The Skylight 'Project Tasks' section is possibly the most used part of the Projects subsections in Skylight. This is because of the way it works and the value it adds to the day-to-day life of the business.

Here you have a few sections as follows:


Task List (11): The left panel lists all the task lists under this project. Here, you can do a quick search, add a new task list and switch task lists to a milestones view so that you can organize your tasks by milestones.

Tasks (12): This shows all the list of tasks based on a selected task list i.e. if you select another task list from the left panel, the task will be changed based on what tasks are under the other task list.

Task Stats (13): Here you can click on various statuses to filter the tasks down to incomplete, overdue today and coming this week.

Progress Bar (14): This shows the overall project progress.

Filters (15): This allows you to further filter your view, to only display the information relevant to you at the moment.

To understand more about tasks and how they work in detail please visit the Task Management section in our Knowledge base.