Lets face it we all love making list of this and that, we have you covered when it comes to Task Lists. In Skylight you can create task lists on projects, and group, drag and drop tasks to reorganize them in order.

View tasks across your whole company, project tasks or just the ones you are assigned as a user. You can goto All Tasks or My Tasks from the main navigation menu.

Understanding Task View


Task views are split between few sections.

  1. Task List & Milestones panel
  2. Stats showing tasks in various stages
  3. Progress bar
  4. Tasks
  5. Filter


When visiting the task view you alway first come to see all the tasks and that is why 'All Tasks' (1) are selected in the task list (1) section. Clicking on a task list on the left panel(1) will show all the tasks that are related to that Task List in the middle section (4).

On top of Task list view you can also see all the main stats(2) for the tasks with an over all progress bar (3). These stats numbers and progress bar shows results for the currently selected task list from the left panel(1). The progress bar (3) is based on number of tasks incomplete vs completed.

The right panel(5) is mainly for filtering tasks by assigned user, project, milestone, stage, CRM contact and tags. You can also save filter configurations to recall your filter settings with a single click.

The following use case might apply to your business use of All Tasks Tab in Skylight


  • I want to see all the INCOMPLETE(status) tasks across my business.
  • Show me all the Tasks for today(DUE TODAY)
  • Show me tasks on a particular task list and its related stats (Incomplete, OverDue, Due Today, Due this week.)(2)
  • Show me all the tasks for a client, contact or team memeber (Saved Filters)


  • See all the tasks assign to you.
  • You can filter these Tasks based on what 's due today, this week, incomplete or overdue(2).
  • You can also use the advance filter to see tasks based on specific project or you can use the saved filters(5) with profiled options to access regular configurations of filters.
  • Task status(2) keep you up to date in terms of totals tasks and progress based on tasks lists(2).
  • Left panel shows all the task lists(1) that you have tasks on.
  • You can select a task list and organize tasks order within these task lists.