You can track time billing and time tracking information on a project through Task Timers and Project Calendars using task timer, or entered time tracking data manually through the Skylight Calendar.

Time Logging using Task Timers from ‘All Tasks’


Logging time using task timers is easy in Skylight. You can log time using task timers directly from the My Tasks widget on your dashboard, or by going into a specific project and selecting All Tasks tab. Then, to record time, select the task you want to log time for, e.g. ‘Make Memo of Meetings’, and then simply click on Start (1) to start the timer and begin recording.

Time Logging using Task Timers from ‘All Tasks’


You can also start the task timer from the My Tasks widget from the dashboard. To do this, select the task you would like to add time for, and select Start (2) to start the timer. You will then see the following options.

Time Logging using Task Timers from ‘My Tasks’ on the Dashboard


Once the timer is started, it will display few options (3): you can Pause the timer (if you need to continue later), Cancel it and delete the recorded time, or Finish it to record the time logged against this task.

Logging Time through the Skylight Calendar


You can also log time directly through the Skylight calendar. Just go to My Dashboard tab, and then My Calendar. Click on any space inside the calendar, and the Add Time form will open up. Or you can drag on the calendar to log time. You can also select the + Add button, and add time by selecting Time Block (4), which will also open up the Add Time form.

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