One of the most used features of time management in Skylight are the time billing, time logging and time tracking features on each task. In this article, we go through various ways of logging time on a task. Making Skylight a perfec time management tools

Time Logging from Your Dashboard


From My Dashboard tab, in the My Tasks widget, select the task you want to record time against, and then just click on Start (1) to start the timer that will log your time.


Once the timer starts to tick, you can Pause, Cancel or click on Finish the task:

  • Pause is available if you need to take a break or start another task.
  • Cancel if you want to discard the logged time.
  • Finish to save the time against the task.

Once you are done logging time press Finish and make sure all the information in the next form is correct.

Time Add Form


When you press Finish on the task timer, Skylight will present you with the data logged in the Add Time form. Normally, you would just press save without editing any of the information or possibly just adding a note in the What field.

Remember that these forms will show less fields depending on the permission of the logged-in user.

Here Skylight will fill in all the known data automatically as follows:


Here is brief description of each field input on this form in more detail:

Status (1): This field helps you to organize time in overall statuses. By default, we provide you with three options, but you are welcome to add your own customized statuses.

What (2): Adds a brief note about the nature of this event.

When (3): This is where a time is logged. It can be an ‘all day’ event or spanning over weeks.

Contact/Resource (4): Each time event can have a related resource or contacts, i.e. team member.

Role (5): You can specify a role tag here.

Project (6): If this time event is for a project, you should select that project here. If you are adding time while on a project, this field will automatically get populated with the correct project name.

Task (7): If you are using the time logging feature, then this field will automatically get picked up or you can select or enter the name of the task here.

Stage (8): This field lets you select the stage related to the project.

Rate (9): This lets you select a preset rate.

Charge (10): Here you can input the amount you wish to charge the client for this time event.

Cost (11): Here you can log what the internal cost of this time event is.

How Do I View Time Logged on a Task or Project?

After you have saved the Add Time form and wish to see time logged on any of the tasks you can click on the task from the dashboard and go to that task’s view:


In the task view, you will see an overview of the time logged in that task. If you wish to see more details you can always click on the Time tab to see the full calendar view on logged time, filter it by status, etc.

Once you have logged time, you can send it to an invoice, bulk edit logged time, edit and adjust or produce reports.

Time Billing and Invoice in Skylight - Video