PayPal gateway provides a way to share your online invoice with clients and get invoice paid via PayPal or credit/debit cards.

All you need to do is enable payment gateway PayPal on your account, thus making Skylight a perfect business invoice software for your business.

Enable PayPal Gateway


To do this simply navigate to Accounts (1) and then Gateways (2). PayPal option is only available on freelance, small, medium and large packages. So if you don’t see the Gateway option in your account section, then that’s because you are currently on a free package. To upgrade please click here


On the Gateway list view you will see a list of all your current gateways(2). If you are just starting up with Skylight this list might be empty.

Select add “+”(1) option on the Gateway tab to create a new gateway record.


On the Paypal Gateway add form, you will need to enter the title which will be shown when you select this gateway in your invoices.

In the email field (1) make sure you use primary email address that your PayPal account is registered to and that your PayPal account is verified. And finally don’t forget to select Set as default (2) option before saving.

That’s it, now any invoice you create will have this PayPal gateway as default.

You can verify your PayPal account from Paypal's FAQ here

Select PayPal Gateway When Creating New Invoice


1 – You need a verified PayPal account to use this service.
2 – Gateway enabled invoice gets the PAY NOW button, which links directly to your PayPal account using the email provided in step above.
3 – You can have multiple PayPal accounts so that on each invoice you can select which account to collect or else Skylight will always use the default option.

Invoice format on preview with Paypal integration


Now any new invoice you generate in Skylight will get the famous Paypal Pay Now (1) button. On preview you can select Send (2) option to email your customer.

Send Paypal Invoice to Client Contact


When the message is created using the send option, Skylight automatically embeds a tokenized link to the invoice. Your client can then click on the preview and select “Pay Now” to complete the payment on the PayPal site.

Payments are made on PayPal site to the account associated with gateway email address. These payments on completion are pulled in by Skylight and matched against the original invoice as payments received. The balance on the invoice is automatically calculated as Invoice amount – PayPal received amount = Balance.

Refunds you issue from PayPal will now be posted against that invoice in Skylight, so you know exactly what’s been paid, refunded and when.