The advantage of Skylight is that you have access to your data and key actions you might need to take all across the interface. This means you can easily create tasks for your team, projects and milestones.

My Tasks widget on your dashboard


This widget allows you to view the tasks you are assigned (through 'Assigned User'). This list is organized by recent activity, but you can also search by a task title from the search field. You can also select the '+' to add a new task.

Hovering over each task will reveal further menus and options. On each task you have a timer that can be used to log time.

Task Lists widget on your dashboard


We also have a task list widget, this works as a quick assess to your most recent task lists. In this widget, the task lists include all lists for the projects to which you are assigned. While this list is organized by recent activity, you can also search by task list titles.

Main navigation and dashboard view


You can also access your tasks and add task option from the main navigation, under 'Tasks', and the dashboard view 'My Tasks'.

Add task from contacts list view


When working with contacts lists in Skylight you can view all the tasks for that user or contact, create a CRM task, like a call back.

Add task from project list view


You can see all tasks by hovering over the Tasks link(3) on each project. You can also create a task for this project just by hovering over project and clicking the actions menu Add Task (2)

Add task from inside a project


You can also view and add tasks from 'Project view' as shown above. You then have an overview of all tasks(4), detailing incomplete, overdue, due today, and due this week tasks (4).

Add Task from task list view


Another way of viewing tasks is from the actual task view, which lets you add new tasks, view them, and edit them.